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1 Frost Road, Campbelltown NSW 2560
02 4658 1929

Welcome to Camden Caravan

Looking for an affordable solution for that family getaway or retirement adventure? Look no further!

Camden Caravans showcases a range of quality products to suit your needs and is fast becoming recognised as the local market leader in putting service before profit.

Whether you are an experienced or first time caravanner, do yourself a favour and make contact today with our friendly Camden Caravans team. After hours appointments available.


About Us

Camden Caravan is a family owned and operated business, which offers a reliable and friendly service; ensuring customers have access to a wide range of additional benefits including caravan servicing, spare parts & accessories.

Managing Directors, Anthony and Marianne Rolf bring 25 years business management experience, successfully servicing the transport industry and more recently moving toward their personal interest for caravanning. They tirelessly work side by side with a qualified team who boast a wealth of caravanning knowledge obtained through practical hands on experience. The team at Camden Caravan understand what is required to own and operate your own caravan and ensure customers take with them much more than just a caravan.

"It's the holiday you buy once and use for the next 10 years." says Anthony. "We ensure our customers leave with more than just a caravan, so they can holiday with the required knowledge and expertise when committing to that once-in-a-lifetime holiday investment".

"We focus on providing great customer service first and foremost, which means we will go above and beyond expectations." Adds Marianne "We team up with industry experts and constantly evolve to find unique ways in which to improve the experience for our customers."

Camden Caravan has been supplying fine quality products for over 30 years and even under new ownership has retained many of the loyal staff who brings extensive caravanning knowledge.




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